How to Make a Check Payment to Make Stix

How to Make a Check Payment to Make Stix

Thank you for choosing Make Stix. To make a payment by check, please follow these instructions carefully:

Step 1: Prepare Your Check

  • Use a current, valid check from your checkbook that is linked to your bank account.

Step 2: Write the Check

  • In the "Pay to the order of" line, write “Make Stix.”
  • Enter the payment amount in numbers in the box next to the dollar sign ($).
  • Write out the payment amount in words on the line under "Pay to the order of." For example, if you are paying $100.50, you write “One hundred dollars and 50/100.”
  • In the memo or for line at the bottom left of the check, include a reference to what the payment is for, such as invoice number, account number, or service rendered. This is crucial for us to credit your payment correctly.

Step 3: Sign the Check

  • Sign your name on the line at the bottom right corner of the check. Ensure your signature matches the one your bank has on file.

Step 4: Mail Your Check

  • Place the check in a securely sealed envelope.
  • Address the envelope to:
Make Stix [Your Company Address] [City, State, ZIP Code]
  • Apply the appropriate postage to the top right corner of the envelope.
  • Mail the envelope via your preferred postal service.

Step 5: Notify Make Stix

  • Once the check is mailed, please send a brief email to with the following details:
    • Date the check was mailed
    • Check number
    • Amount
    • Reference or memo included on the check
  • This helps us anticipate your payment and ensure it is processed promptly upon receipt.

Additional Information

  • Processing Time: Please allow 5-10 business days for the check to be received and processed.
  • Returned Checks: Be aware that fees may be applied for returned checks due to insufficient funds or incorrect account information.
  • Security: For your safety, avoid sending cash through the mail and consider using a tracked mailing service for added security.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Make Stix customer service at We are here to help and ensure your payment process is smooth and convenient.