Make Stix is a pioneering company at the forefront of liquid packaging innovation. We specialize in the creation of Stix, revolutionary drinking straws filled with liquid and sealed on both ends using ultrasonic technology. These Stix are designed to provide convenience and versatility in enjoying a wide range of beverages, supplements, and other liquid products. At Make Stix, we're committed to redefining the way liquids are packaged and consumed, offering solutions that are convenient, portable, and customizable to fit various lifestyles and needs.

Flavored Stix

Discover our wide selection of Flavored Honey Stix, featuring over 20 delightful options to sweeten your day. Perfect for on-the-go snacking, tea, or baking, our honey stix offer natural flavors and pure honey goodness in every stick.


Sour Stix

Get ready to pucker up with our Sour Honey Stix! Experience a zesty twist on your favorite sweet treat with these tangy flavors. Perfect for a fun snack, these Stix pack a punch of sour excitement in every bite!


Varietal Stix

Discover the unique taste of our Varietal Honey Stix, featuring rare, regional honey available only seasonally. Savor the distinct flavors of each limited-edition batch, offering a true taste of nature's finest and most exclusive honey varieties.


No Color Stix

Enjoy the pure simplicity of our Color Free Honey Stix, available seasonally in natural flavors like Cinnamon, Lemon, Mint, and Orange. Experience the true essence of honey without any added colors, capturing the natural goodness in every Stix.


Agave Stix

Indulge in our Agave Stix, available in natural flavors of Light Agave and Caramel Agave. Perfect for a healthy, plant-based sweet treat, these stix offer a smooth and delicious alternative to honey, capturing the rich essence of agave nectar.


Honey Stix Display

Showcase your delicious honey stix with our versatile Honey Stix Display, holding up to 500 honey stix. With 10 organized spaces for 50 stix each, you can neatly arrange different flavors. Choose from multiple label designs to perfectly complement your display.


Honey Stix Cup

Showcase your honey Stix with our versatile Honey Stix Cup Display. Each cup holds up to 100 honey Stix, neatly organizing 50 Stix in each cup. Available in two sizes, short and tall, with multiple label designs to choose from for a perfect display.


Your Honey Stix

Create your personalized Honey Stix with "Your Honey Stix." We use your own honey to craft custom honey stix just for you, perfect for beekeepers looking to enjoy and share their unique harvest in a convenient, delicious form.


Make Custom Stix

Unleash your creativity with "Make Stix." Craft your own unique stix using your personalized liquified viscous recipes. Perfect for those who want to create one-of-a-kind treats, snacks, or supplements, tailored to your taste and needs.

  • "Sweet Variety in Every Stick"

    "These Flavored Honey Stix have completely transformed my snack game! With over 20 delicious flavors, there's always something new to try. They're perfect for my tea, baking, or just a sweet treat on the go. Truly delightful!"

    • Emily, Honey Enthusiast
  • "A Zesty Twist of Fun"

    "Sour Honey Stix are my new favorite! The tangy flavors are such a fun twist on the classic honey stix. They're great for an afternoon pick-me-up or a unique addition to my drinks. Love the excitement in every bite!"

    • Alex M., Miami, FL
  • "Nature's Exclusive Treat"

    "Varietal Honey Stix are a rare find! The seasonal and regional varieties make each batch a special treat. I love discovering the unique flavors that come with every season. It's like having a taste of nature's finest in a stick!"

    • Taylor G., Portland, OR
  • "Pure and Natural Goodness"

    "Color Free Honey Stix are fantastic! The natural flavors of Cinnamon, Lemon, Mint, and Orange are so refreshing without any added colors. It's all about the pure taste of honey, and I appreciate the simplicity and natural goodness."

    • Priya R., Kansas City, MO
  • "Smooth and Delicious Sweetness"

    "Agave Stix have been a game-changer for me. The Light Agave and Caramel Agave flavors are both smooth and delicious. They're a wonderful plant-based alternative to honey, perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to my snacks and drinks."

    • Michael, Plant-Based Enthusiast